Is A Breast Implant Safe?

Are breast augmentation procedures safe? Most patients report that breast enlargements are both safe and very effective. A breast augmentation is also considered as cosmetic surgery, because it can change the appearance of a woman’s breasts in order to create a more symmetrical appearance.

According to Santa Monica Plastic Surgeons some Breast enlargements are usually done in conjunction with a breast reduction, so both procedures can be performed simultaneously. Breast augmentation, or mastopexy, is commonly referred to as boob job, enhancement mammoplasty, breast enlargement, or breast augmentation. Other common cosmetic surgeries performed to improve the size, shape, and symmetry of female breasts are a boob lift, implants, and breast reconstruction surgery. The exact number of patients who undergo breast enhancement surgeries are not known, but many women have reported that their surgeon recommends an augmentation to improve their breast size.

It is important to note that all breast augmentations and reconstructions are considered to be elective procedures, which means they are not medically necessary for a patient’s health. Any woman with a family history of breast cancer can undergo breast enhancement surgery without medical supervision. It is also important to note that the risks associated with breast implant and boob reconstruction are different from one another, since some implants are made of saline while boob augmentation is done of silicone. Surgical risks, such as infection, bleeding, and anesthesia can cause the risks of a boob surgery to be higher.

If you are considering a breast enhancement, you should find a board certified cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure. In general, the surgeons recommended by your physician are the best suited to perform the procedure because they are well experienced and skilled in this area of plastic surgery. It is also important to discuss the risks associated with a breast enhancement with your physician, as these risks are different from one another.

For most patients, the biggest risk associated with a boob enlargement is the risk of a natural breast growth that is abnormal. It is rare, but a number of breast tissue to grow abnormally when the breasts are over-sized. This abnormal breast growth is known as gynecomastia, which is sometimes confused with obesity.

So, yes, breast augmentation is very safe and effective. However, you should always discuss your risks and benefits with your physician before undergoing a boob job. In addition, consult with your doctor about any changes in your body that may indicate an abnormal growth.

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